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Play station network can be abbreviated as PSN. In layman’s terms it is platform where top quality digital entertainment is provided by Sony entertainment. In addition the play station network came into existence back in 2006, but then it was only limited to consoles. As the year’s passed, PlayStation network was available in high tech computers and high definition TV’s. Also there is one method to get psn codes free without using any trick. Contine reading to know more.

Some of the best games are:

Apex legends is beautiful shooting game, that where players all around the world can compete with each other. Users in this game take on challenges to obtain fortune, famed and glory. In this game you will have a beautiful experience of exploring really powerful and majestic legends.  

All the legends have their own share of personality, so the user will constantly experience unique abilities and strengths from the legends.  The main brain behind this beautiful game are the developers of modern warfare 2 and hence the gameplay is impeccable. 

In strategic battle royal matches make use of strategic calls while on the air and play as team to survive in this 60 player match.

2. Fortnight Battel Royale

Okay so this is one of the best free PSN games due a simple and effective storyline.  Here all the players are made to jump from a plane and land in different location and cites.

They can range from dessert, farms and lakes. In addition, all these locations are filled with items and other sources so that all players have the necessary means of survival. Please note using these items you will have the ability to kill other players in the game and be the last man standing.

The one feature that separates this PSN games from the rest is the ability to build.  Meaning as a user you will have the ability a celling, wall, ramp, pyrandimical structures which all can be used to to make you more powerful in this game. 

Fortnight has been a one of the most popular games among the players as it can keep the players hooked for hours. In addition the fortnight have six seasons, all having different storyline.

Every season comes with new items, map structure and unique features that separates it from the previous season. For instance take in consideration the season 6, where a shadow stone featured.

With the help of this you will have the ability to move through the objects and appear invisible in front of the players.

3. Smite

If you think of online battle area game and doesn’t include the game in best free PSN games then this would be unfair. This is one of the best games that that is available for users who wants to experience mythological creatures and believe in fantasy. 

The users who play this game are given the power of controlling a mythological creature, god and goddess to fight a war against each other. The gods which are player controlled can fight against other non-player controlled minions and player controlled gods.

The game specialises in multiplayer modes, where the last standing player can earn a prize pool of million dollars. Other than that you can be a part in smite world championship and experience some breath-taking gameplay.

Please note that smite is famous for featuring different types of gameplay where the most of the most popular one is conquest. While playing conquest you will divided in to two teams and both the teams will consists of five players each.

In addition both the teams will be given money (1500) to buy items, which will intern make the player control gods very powerful.  The  graphics in the game are beautiful and each conquest is blessed with a good storyline.

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