What is the fastest way to get gems in Dragon City?

Dragon city – it is one of the famous games available today.  As per some estimates over 10 million play this game around the world.   There are heroic races and battles to be won. This game involves capturing, training, and raising dragons and preparing them for battle.  In order to accomplish all this, there are gems, gold, and other in-game money. So the question arises as to how to obtain those gems? The Gems are the most valuable currency in the game.  Because using these gems, the player can buy a lot of things needed for the upkeep of the dragons.  

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The need for gems also arises because of the fact that Dragons need time to grow.   Then there is the time gap between tournaments wherein the player has to compulsorily wait.    So this time-lapse can be done away with by means of Gems. However, that costs a lot in terms of real money in order to purchase them from the store.

  • The first and easiest way to get gems is by playing the game every day.   Do not spend them and instead collect them all first.
  • There are features on Facebook such as a daily calendar wherein you can get gold, food and gems.  By spinning on roulette there is also a chance to win about fifty gems. 
  • There are certain apps which give away free gems.  All that a person needs to do is to take up a survey, or watch the video or try out their app.  Some sites which give away gems are available such as  Freebie Island. Here for example, if you watch two videos every eight hours, you get about one gem.   Then there is Jewelem Tower. If completed this tower gives about one gem per day.
  • Then there are dragon card packs which need to be purchased using real money.  
  • Also, there are Dragon City Cheats.   Here you can earn gems. These sites have something known as cheat engines.   These sites make the game much more enjoyable and especially to those players who cannot afford to make the purchases.  

However, the player is advised to use his discretion because such cheat engines come with risk factors.   Sometimes the player might get banned or sometimes might just receive a simple reprimand. However, to avoid this situation also there is a way out.   The idea is to use a VPN and an incognito mode when accessing the cheat engine. This will ensure your secrecy.  

However, there are certain tricks and tips so that you earn your gems.

First of all, you need to lessen your gold and gem expenses by focusing on growing food on priority

Secondly, try to concentrate on raising one dragon only.   By making it strong and ready for battle, you can earn more money.

Thirdly is to level up.   That is access many things in the game such as look up the maps provided.  The key thing is time. The more time you spend the more gems you can earn.

So use your discretion in collecting the gems and enjoy the game.

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