Avakin Life Marriage :- What it Is ?

Avakin Life Marriage

Avakin Life is an online virtual game developed and published by Lockwood Publications Ltd. It can be downloaded for free. It works on both Android and IOS platforms. It can be downloaded on your PC also. The only restriction in the game is that player should be above the age of 13. The player who enter the game are called Avakins.

They can connect and chat with other Avakins across the globe. Basically in this game you can live virtually however you want.

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You can build lavish apartments, buy expensive clothes and accessories and flaunt yourself as much as you want. You can virtual date the people who interest you and things can also go the extent of virtual marriage.


Yes, the Avakins can virtually get married too. They can go to their partner’s menu and select the option to propose the marriage. If the partner says yes then they can go ahead to plan a grand wedding ceremony. They can put up a whole wedding show along with reception. People buy rings, wedding gowns, book the wedding venue, invite guests and have a blast at their wedding. The grandness of the wedding depends on the game coins the Avakins are having and how much they are willing to spend because for everything they will be charged. The things you can do in this virtual marriage are

  • You can rent a place for wedding. Normally Avakins who want grand wedding go for Herrington Hall. It is a country house with beautiful gardens and a hedge maze. If the weather is pleasant you can go for garden wedding else a hall wedding.
  • Avakins can buy wedding attires, wedding rings and get your hair and make-up done.
  • Avakins can also invite guests for their wedding. They can get pictures clicked and also hold a meal and reception for the guests.
  • After the wedding ceremony they can also open the dance floor. The bride and groom can have the first dance and later everyone can join in.
  • The players can also opt for church wedding if they have fantasy of the same.
  • Guests can also have cocktails and wander around and get clicked. You can also add lot of beverages and cakes on the menu.
  • After all the ceremonies, the couple can perhaps fly off for honey moon.

This is how a fairy tale wedding in the Avakin Life takes place.


There is only one precaution every player should take. Always remember that this is a virtual world and has absolutely no connection with reality.

Never ever reveal any of your personal details as in your name, phone number, address, email address or any of the passwords within the game. The game developers never ask for it. In case anyone is asking any of your details in exchange of game coins or talking to you inappropriately you can always report them to the moderator. They will take the necessary action required. So stay safe and have fun.

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