How to get Free Spins in Coin Master

Coin Master is a virtual online game where a player is in a virtual land where he has to develop and build villages. For completing each village there are certain levels to be completed and to complete each level certain tasks are to be done. When all the levels are completed then the village is finally done and the player can move on building the next village. On completing a village successfully the player gets a reward and also his ranking on the leaderboard shifts up. The developer of this amazing and intriguing game is Moon Active Ltd. It is available both on the iTunes App Store or Google Play Store. It can be downloaded and played on a PC too.

Free Spins

The backbone of the game is spinning the slot machine. As soon as you register in the game you get five free spins with which you start the game. After that you get 5 free spins every hour. The results of the spins that is shields, hammers, raids, game coins and extra free spins help you build your village and destroy your enemy’s village. Some of the ways to get free spins are coin master hack

  • The promotional videos which are available when you are playing the game. By seeing them the player gets free spins.
  • Once you complete a task while building the village you get reward for that. That reward can also be a free spin.
  • On completion of the village the player is rewarded nicely. It can be various things such as game coins, cards, food for the pets and of course free spins.
  • Every hour the player get 5 free spins he has to use them within that hour only.
  • The player also gets spins when he invite other player for the game by using a particular link. You get 25 spins for every player who joins through you to play the game.
  • You can also purchase spins using real money which is also a way to generate revenue for the game.
  • Slot machines also give the player free spins while spinning them.
  • Also there are Coin Master Hacks also. These hacks claim to provide free spins and game coins. To use these game cheats all the player has to do is some surveys for them and in return they do the needful. But the player should make sure that the hacks are genuine before using them.
  • There are Facebook groups created by the players which help the players’ trade free spins and cards to each other. The player can search for these groups on the Facebook app and join them. These will help them complete the tasks efficiently that are required to complete the village.

These are some of the methods to get spins in the game. But the players should ne beware of the cheats because these days there are many fake websites available which trouble the players in the name of free spins. So play the game fair and enjoy it to the core.

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