Download Pokémon GO APK for Android

Download Pokémon GO APK for Android

The augmented reality game that is developed and published by Niantic for both android and IOS platform is known as Pokémon go.

This game was debuted in July 2016 and was released in certain countries only. After gaining popularity it was released all over the world.  

After it was released worldwide Niantic collaborated with Nintendo to make more business. This game uses simple GPS location to track, capture and locate Pokémon in real time.

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The game is free to download but addition items in this game require application purchases.  At the first there 150 species of Pokémon, and in the course of few years it has grown to 450.


All you need to do is to install the game in your mobile devices and you are ready to play.  Once the game has been successfully installed, an avatar appears based on your geographical location.

The player needs to follow the map to catch the Pokémon’s.  Meaning the map include poke stops and poke gyms where the player to must travel to and catch Pokémon’s. Poke gyms can be used for battling Pokémon’s.

Earlier the poke stops was placed at really dangerous and inconvenient locations which received huge negative response from the players.  Thus Niantic gave the location placement to ingress which took the control of placing the poke stops at danger free zones.

Pokémon go plus

The players of Pokémon go had a real hard time to find the Pokémon’s as they have look at the smart devices on constant basis to track the Pokémon.

To solve this problem Nintendo came up with Pokémon go Bluetooth devices which allow the user to perform certain actions without looking at the smart device.

The working of this Bluetooth enabled watch is fairly simple. Whenever they player is near a Pokémon the watch starts to vibrates, and lets the user know that a Pokémon is nearby.

The user can press the watch to catch the Pokémon or use it collect the items from the poke stops. The design of the watch consists of the Poke ball designed at the shape of Google map.

Pokémon go apk

Apk stands for android package kit and this kit has the entire necessary package to install an android file on your smart devices. Normally when you start to download a file from the play store, it has all the apk files.

The only disadvantage is that when a major updates is out, it can takes weeks to show in your game.

Thus in order to skip this process and have all the necessary updates at one go apk is preferred by the android users.   Now the only thing to take care of is taking care of your device while downloading an apk.

Lot of free sites offer apk files for download. Some of them contain virus which can steal all your personal information from your device, so it is very important to download files from genuine sites.

Once you download the apk files of Pokémon go you will be eligible for certain benefits which can be listed as follows:

  • Trainers will have the ability to learn the attack power of the Pokémon. This will let the user know that which Pokémon is ready for battle.
  • The developers have fixed a bug in apk format. Which allows the users to see Pokémon’s as fainted Pokémon’s who were defeated at 1 HP.
  • Users will have the ability to take snap snapshot of their Pokémon capture.