War Thunder

War Thunder

Description of the game
The gameplay is based in a war zone where combined battles are seen in air, land, and sea. The game has its sequence based on war world II. Players are given access to tanks, ships, and aircraft from China, Japan, France, and soviet union.

Other nations such as Romania, Australia, and Canada also get featured in this gameplay. The game maps are so real that you will get a feeling that you are actually present on the battlefield.

Game Modes
The game is divided into three modes. One mode is based on the interface, the other is based on the mission played, and the third one is based on types of maps used in the game.

Players have the option to participate in the battle in the ground, air, and water. Furthermore, they can also participate in naval and air battles.

Arcade battles
This mode of fighting draws two sets of players from different teams. Both these teams can choose different nations of the compact. High ends planes get their winged ripped off, but they still become controllable. The vehicle becomes can move at an incredible speedy boosting its engine power.

Some game enthusiast says that graphics are somewhat unrealistic in certain times, but they also enjoy the gamer experience. Thus when players are about to play aircraft missions, they usually opt for “ground strike.“ Meaning players can shoot down rival aircraft, destroy the enemy fields and make the opposing team to surrender.

Once rival tends to quit they will give you air domination. Air domination would mean complete control of the competing aircraft.

Real battles
These feature more realistic battle visuals which easy user interface. During this battle damage is intensive and deadly than the air battles mentioned above. Thus in ground, realistic battles players can make use of a single vehicle to obtain capturing points.

Real fighting can also be categorized into real full actions which can also be called simulator battles. These battles are quite hard to play since the interface is restricted. Meaning the external gunner view and a full cockpit view is allowed.

During the operation of the tank, the commander is limited to the top view present above the vehicle, and tank players are limited to the gunner’s scope.

Custom battles
These are battles that concern both ground and air. In custom battle, the player will have the ability to select its game mode, map, settings. Furthermore, the player can also restrict the number of players who can play the game. One of the significant highlights in custom battle is the use of the PvE. Pve is an assault tank that designed to defend a base if it is under attack.